Asia GAA’s annual premier event is the Asian Gaelic Games. The AGG has been taking place for the past 21 years bringing together clubs from all over the Asian region in a two day tournament in which Men’s, Ladies and Juvenile teams compete in Football and Hurling. The games have been hosted in Manila, Singapore, Phuket, Honk Kong, Shanghai, and Penang and Bangkok. In 2016, the first Asian Youth Championship took place in Hanoi, Vietnam with 160 young players in action. The Asian County Board has also set up the South China Youth Council and hopes to have the China Youth Games which will include teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Seoul. Recently two all Chinese college teams have been set up in Beijing and Shanghai. The board has an ongoing relationship with UCD and Queens. 

Founded: 2006

Clubs: 22

Major Competitions: Asian Gaelic Games, China Games, South Asian Games, North Asian Games, Korean League, South East Asian Ladies League, Asian Youth Championships, and Asia Hurling & Camogie Championships. 


Bangkok Thai's GAA

Beijing GAA

Canton Celts

Daegu Fianna

Dalian Wolfhounds

Hong Kong GAA

India Wolfhounds

Jakarta Dragonflies

Japan GAA

Myanmar Celts

Orang Eire Malaysia

Saigon Gaels

Seoul Gaels - Asia

Shanghai GAA

Shenzen Celts GAA

Singapore Gaelic Lions

Suzhou Eire Og Gaelic Football Club

Taiwan Celts

Viet Celts GAA