Aidan Collins, Paddy King and Donal Hickey

Donal Hickey, Paddy King and Aidan Collins talk about their involvement with the GAA - and Na Fianna club in Dublin in particular. They recall the events that led to the formation of the club, with a split emerging within the Kickhams club. They all played hurling and football and helped out in whatever way they could. Na Fianna had no ground of their own so they had to use other pitches around Dublin, but eventually they did secure one and this was a major breakthrough. Everyone worked hard to raise funds and the club soon expanded, sending out teams in football, hurling, camogie and ladies football. Donal, Paddy and Aidan also filled various administrative positions. They put a lot of sweat into making the club what it is today, and although they appreciate the trophies that Na Fianna sides have brought home, what matters most to them is having a ground to call your own and fellow clubmates who understand the value of sacrificing something of yourself for the benefit of the club, and for the Association as a whole.

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