Andy Redmond and Tom Doyle

Andy Redmond talks about his childhood in Kildavin and the popularity of handball as there was very little football or hurling in the area at the time. He goes on to discuss the purchase of the field and developing the club. He then talks of the inclusion of Church of Ireland players in the team. He speaks of various fundraising events that were organised over the years. He talks about the foot and mouth epidemic that saw Carlow being banned from play. He talks of the celebrations after winning the 1957 final. He speaks of the local rivalries and how they have affected the games. He then talks of the tournaments that helped raise money for charity and of other fundraising events. He speaks about camogie in the club and the effect of emigration on the teams over the years. He talks of the great success in Scór over the years but how interest fell away about ten years ago. He then speaks about the changes he has seen and of still attending the games and of his hopes for the future.

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