Christy Cooney

Christy Cooney talks about the GAA tradition in his family in particular the place of the GAA in his father’s life. He recalls growing up in Youghal and the place of the GAA in community life, commenting on the contribution of local administrators, schools and clergy. The games are discussed at length along with players he has admired throughout the years. He outlines the development of both his playing and administrative careers in the GAA which ranged from club to national level. He reflects on the various offices he has held within the GAA and the challenges and successes of each of those roles. He discusses administrators and players he admires, landmark moments in his presidency including the funeral of Ronan Kerr, the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Croke Park and the GAA 125 commemorations. Throughout the interview he reflects on the place of the GAA in Irish society both historically and in the present day.

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