Dave Coleman

Dave Coleman opens the interview with recollections of his underage experience of Gaelic games with his school and club in the Blarney of the 1960s. He charts his progression as a player – as well as that of the club – through the 1960s and 70s, highlighting along the way both his travels in supporting county teams and the numbers of local players who earned representation at that level. While an adult player in the 1970s, Coleman also became involved in administration, occupying various roles. He also took to refereeing and he sheds light on the structure of Cork competitions during this period. In 1980, Coleman emigrated to Boston and he talks about the composition and quality of the Cork club team in Boston in the late 1980s to mid 1990s – he names many of the well-known county players who lined out with the club. The fortunes of the GAA in America since the 1980s are also discussed, in particular the impact of the tightening of immigration rules post 9/11. The Blarney GAA scene to which Coleman eventually returned was very different to that of the 1970s and he highlights the improved organisation in the club. He concludes by assessing changes in media coverage of the GAA and the challenges that the Association will face into the future.

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