Gilly McIlhatton

Gilly McIlhatton talks about his involvement in the GAA over the years. He discusses the history of John Mitchell’s club and his family’s involvement in the club. He talks about his playing and administration career with John Mitchell’s and how the club has developed since he was involved. He discusses his management career with Antrim, winning three All-Ireland ‘B’ titles. Gilly discusses the impact of the Troubles on the GAA in Belfast and recalls the British Army’s occupation of Casement Park in the 1970s. He talks about how the club was badly affected by emigration and internment. He gives his opinion on the differences between the GAA in the North and the South and discusses the ban on foreign games. Gilly talks about the long history of hurling in Antrim and the first clubs in the county that played the code. Towards the end of the interview Gilly highlights the important role the GAA has played in his life and what the Association has meant to him over the years.

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