PJ Hoey

PJ Hoey talks about his involvement in the GAA over the years. He discusses his father’s involvement in administration with the Convoy club and with the Donegal county board. He describes the type of facilities available to the club at the time. He talks about moving to Letterkenny and transferring to the St. Eunan’s club. PJ recalls going to school in St. Eunan’s College in Letterkenny and talks about the role of the GAA in the school. He discusses his county career with Donegal and what that was like. He talks about his involvement in the St. Eunan’s club and discusses the developments of the club over the years. He describes the club’s facilities and the changes in the club and his involvement in administration. PJ talks about the role of the GAA club in Letterkenny and how it has to compete against other sporting organisations. He discusses the club’s relationship with the other GAA club in Letterkenny, Letterkenny Gaels. He describes the impact of the Troubles on the area and how it affected the club. He gives his opinion on the various rule changes in the GAA over the years and towards the end of the interview, PJ highlights the important role the GAA has had in his life.

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