Jimmy Hatton and Jimmy Gammell

Jimmy Hatton and Jimmy Gammell discuss their backgrounds and involvement in the GAA in Kilcoole. They recall the history of the GAA in Kilcoole, and discuss the history of the club. They talk about playing facilities in their younger days, and how they have improved in modern times. They recall the economic circumstances that existed when they were growing up in Kilcoole, and discuss the social demographics of the area. They both discuss the difference between the Wicklow club and inter-county scenes. They also talk about the introduction of hurling to the Kilcoole area. Jimmy Hatton recalls his refereeing career, providing various anecdotes from his time with the whistle and explaining what makes a good referee. Jimmy Hatton also discusses his administrative career in the GAA, and talks about various issues, including The Ban. He concludes by talking about changes he has seen in the GAA and discussing his hopes for the future of Wicklow GAA.

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