John Sheridan

John Sheridan discusses his involvement in the GAA over the years. He describes what it was like growing up in Killinkere and the role of the GAA in the area. He talks about the local facilities for football and playing for Bailieborough because of low numbers in Killinkere. John discusses the purchasing of the club’s pitch in the 1970s and describes the type of characters in the club during that time. He recalls moving to Dublin to work when he was a teenager and what that was like. He talks about playing for Kickhams and Dublin, winning a junior All-Ireland for the latter. John discusses moving back to Cavan to play football and winning an All-Ireland with them in 1952. He recalls various stories about the people he played with and what Cavan football was like during that period. He discusses various issues in regards to the GAA such as the Troubles, the Second world War, politics and the ban. John talks about his career as a referee, recalling various stories such as how he never used a notebook to mark scores. John discusses the history of his club and the importance of the GAA in the community. Towards the end of the interview John reflects over his time in the GAA, citing the importance of people like Hughie Reilly and Mick Higgins.

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