Kevin Kelleher

Kevin Kelleher recalls his earliest memories of the GAA. He recalls attending Croke Park for matches, and remembers the 1931 All-Ireland hurling finals. He explains why he switched from the GAA to rugby, and reveals how he eventually became an international rugby referee. Kevin recalls his father's involvement with the GAA, discussing his playing career. Kevin describes playing facilities in the GAA when he was growing up, and compares the GAA to rugby. He recalls attending sports days at Croke Park, and describes how the stadium looked before it was redeveloped. Kevin discusses The Ban in the GAA, and how his father reacted when he switched to rugby. He describes his career as a rugby referee, including stories such as his decision to send-off New Zealand player Colin Meads in a match against Scotland. He recalls some of the biggest changes he has seen in the GAA, discussing what he sees as being the biggest challenge to the Association, and talks about the relationship between the GAA and rugby. He concludes by telling some stories regarding the GAA.

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