Marian McStay

Marian McStay talks about her involvement in camogie during turbulent times in North of Ireland and the impact that her experiences have had on her life. An enthusiastic player from a young age, she attended St Michael’s Grammar School in Lurgan. Camogie was strongly promoted there and it helped her develop her game when she was not involved with the Clan na Gael club. Her enthusiasm for the game knew no bounds, and when not representing her county she became an administrator and referee. She also took charge of children’s teams, taking them on trips outside of the county to play other teams. Many of the children were from disadvantaged backgrounds and this proved a richly rewarding experience for everybody involved. Her lifetime of service was acknowledged in a ceremony by then President of Ireland Mary McAleese, a moment which is a source of great pride for her. Marian also describes trying to live a normal life under the cloud of the Troubles and reflects on how things have changed for the better since the advent of the peace process in North of Ireland.

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