Members of Ardoyne Kickhams GAC

Stephen McVicker, Jimmy McLaughlin and Colm Gallagher discuss their involvement in the Ardoyne Kickhams over the years. They talk about the history of the club and how they became involved with the GAA. They discuss their family’s involvement in the GAA and Jimmy recalls moving to Canada and getting involved with the GAA there. They discuss the role of the GAA in their school lives and Colm talks about playing hurling in St Mary’s. They talk about handball in the club and the strength of camogie. They describe the club’s various grounds and where they used to play matches in the past. They talk about the relationship between the GAA and soccer and how this has changed over the years. They discuss the various fundraising methods in the past and how the ban on foreign games and dances impacted on their ability to raise money. They describe the club’s success over the years and highlight the most memorable moments in the club’s history. Stephen, Jimmy and Colm recall how the Troubles impacted on the club and note the tension in Belfast during that period. They describe how a number of members lost their lives because of the Troubles.

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