Members of Dunloy Cuchullaíns GAA Club

Members of Dunloy Cuchullain’s talk about their involvement in the GAA. Jim talks about the history of the club and of hurling in the area. They talks about their early involvement in the GAA and how they became involved with Dunloy. Jim talks about moving to Wexford about bringing clubs from the south to Dunloy to play matches. They talk about the development of the club over the years, how it has fared in competitions and the development of the club’s grounds. They talk about the issue of the Troubles and how it impacted the club and their lives. Willie describes how many people in the North associated the GAA with the IRA and the problems this led to. They discuss their involvement in the Antrim hurling team and towards the end of the interview, they highlight the important role the GAA has played in their lives and the role of the Association in the community.

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