Members of St Marys GAC Aghagallon

Members of St Mary’s Aghagallon talk about their involvement in the GAA over the years. The group discuss their first introductions into the Association and how they became involved. They describes the make-up of the GAA in the area and talk about how there used to be three clubs in the parish, the Shamrocks, the Dalcassians and the John Mitchel’s. They talk about their favourite players and matches they have been to. The group discuss the development of the three clubs over the years and the facilities available at the time. Columb talks about the formation of the St Mary’s club in 1983 and how the other clubs reacted to this. They talk about the club during the Troubles and how the area was impacted by the conflict. They discuss their GAA careers, both in playing and in administration. Towards the end of the interview they recall their best and worst memories from their time in the GAA and highlight the importance of the Association in their lives.

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