Members of Portumna GAA Club

Members of the Portumna club trace the history of hurling in the area, stretching back to well before the establishment of the GAA. They talk about growing up in an area where the population was small and resources scarce. Many were forced to emigrate during numerous historical periods, which in turn had an effect on the GAA in the area. Frank and Jack both went to London and played with the St Gabriels’ club there, before returning home after many years. They talk about their GAA experiences in London and provide an insight into the workings of the Irish community abroad. Galway’s famous All-Ireland hurling victory of 1980 is discussed, as is Joe Connolly’s speech and the impact it has in Galway and beyond. In later years Portumna enjoyed much success on the national stage , and the members describe how a club that once struggled just to stay in existence went on to become champions of all of Ireland.

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