Patrick Gerard (Gerry) McClory

Gerry McClory talks about his involvement in the GAA over the years. He discusses his family’s involvement in the GAA and how his grandfather was a founding member of the Lámh Dhearg club while his father was involved with Henry Joy McCracken’s. He talks about growing up in Belfast the role of the GAA in his life as a child. He discusses the setting up of St. Teresa’s and the club’s involvement in the Troubles and the Hunger Strikes. Gerry talks about the relationship between the Catholics and Protestants in the GAA and outsiders’ perceptions of the Association. He describes the type of work he does as Community Relations Officer for the Ulster Council and working with children from the Shankill Road. He discusses his refereeing career and talks about the highlights of his career. He talks about the development of the St Teresa’s club and how the GAA in Belfast has changed over the years. He gives his opinion on the issue of professionalism in the GAA and the various rule changes over the years. Towards the end of the interview, Gerry talks about the important role the GAA has played in his life and what the Association has meant to him down through the years.

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