Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly recalls his earliest memories of the GAA. He talks about his family's involvement in the Association, and discusses his home club, Kilcummin. He talks about the connection between the Catholic Church and the GAA, before discussing his playing career. Sean discusses his administrative career in the GAA, from local level up to the presidency of the Association. He provides anecdotes along the journey, explaining what drove him on to the highest office in the GAA. He discusses the opening of Croke Park to rugby and soccer when he was in office, detailing the complex technical nature of the process. He also talks about the repercussions for him personally following the change to this rule, Rule 42. Sean talks about the role of women in the GAA before discussing the interaction between the GAA and politics. He recalls some of the highlights of his involvement with the GAA, as well as discussing what the GAA could change. He concludes by remarking on issues such as professionalism and the payment of managers, before recalling some incidents from his earlier days in the GAA.

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